FAQs and other information

How to get started with the service:

You will have been sent an email containing a link to VMS and details of how to access the service.

Please follow the guidance on this invite in order to access the service.

The email will look like this:

Clinical guidance:

  • For those looking for clinical guidance please go to the official clinical guidance (Green book) on this page.
  • Using the service:

  • For those who will be working across multiple organisations, you will need to in the first instance choose which organisation you will be working for on this page.
  • If you are working for just one organisation you will not be shown this page.
  • Once an organisation is selected you will be asked to choose which location you are working from on this page here:
  • Choose the location will be working from on this list.
  • IMPORTANT – If you move locations you will be required to sign back into VMS and choose a new location.
  • Once you have signed-in and set a location you will be shown a list of patients expected that day.
  • Other information:

    More information about the Vaccine programme can be found here: